Our story

About the brand

Welcome to Ayaiya!  We are an online fashion boutique dedicated to bringing women anywhere in the world stylish and functional designs made of Africa’s exquisite fabrics and materials.  Our family is from Nigeria and the word “Ayaiya” means “Beautiful” in our native language.  That is our aim – to offer the gift of our native culture’s striking fabrics and patterns in designs that are desirable and functional for Western living, yet worthy of being called “Ayaiya”!

I created this fashion line with myself and my sister in mind. I was born in Nigeria and my sister was born in Kansas, but we’ve both grown up in the USA.  We have a Western upbringing and we both have careers in mostly conservative sectors.  She is an attorney and I have a background in tax services marketing.  We both love the fabrics used in our culture to create extremely eye-catching outfits, but we are keenly aware that such styles may not be practical in our lines of work.  Ayaiya was created for such women who may have been raised like us to love these fabrics, but would prefer having those same fabrics in designs that can be worn daily to work, church, social gatherings, etc.

Our clothing designs aim to flatter a woman and allow her to wear our products with ease and confidence.  The products we create range from simple skirts to ornate gowns.  We offer something for every woman to allow herself to experience her distinct level of “Ayaiya”!


Ayaiya’s mission is to “Create contemporary African high fashion accessible to all customers no matter where in the world they live.  We are all AYAIYA, Beautiful!”.


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